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Private Investigations Reports

In the past we have been able to assist several families who were experiencing what they believed to be paranormal activity in their homes.


As always it is very important that we respect the privacy of those involved in these cases and so it is very difficult to explain openly, the details.  However, we can share with you some of the more generalised information with the full cooperation of those involved.


Case 1.


This family contacted us when they began to experience unexplained noises and kitchen appliances apparently switching themselves on.  They thought that perhaps a close family member who had recently passed was trying to make their presence felt and asked us to investigate.

During our investigations we ascertained that there was no reason for the appliances switching on/off and the noises that were being heard were not a result of any of the usual ‘house movements’.  One of our mediums connected with a spirit who told him the story of his passing and other memories of the life he had lived and his connection to the house. The present occupants were able to confirm some details although they were unaware of this particular spirit.  At the end of our investigation they were happy just to know who was sharing their home and decided they were comfortable to continue sharing the house.


Case 2.


This was what we term a ‘darker’ investigation, in as much as the family concerned were very unnerved by the activity that was witnessed within the house.  Due to the fact that they had young children we felt that it was important to investigate as soon as possible and to do it whilst the children were staying overnight with relatives. Due to the nature of the information we had received we extended the team to ensure we covered every angle.  As usual we carried out an assessment of the building, electrics, plumbing etc., and also the surrounding area outside of the property. We did witness several interesting occurrences, one being as the team sat in the lounge discussing the case the speaker belonging to the music system let out a loud noise, enough to make us all jump! A couple of the team checked it out and we noticed that the system wasn’t switched on, in fact it was unplugged.  By far two of the most disturbing things about this case was writing appearing on a wall (high up close to ceiling height yet childlike in its style). The second is a little more difficult to explain but as we went around the house we would identify a room for our reports etc., so for example Bedroom 1 was the first on the left as you reached the top of the stairs. However, when we were outside the property and discussing a particular anomaly concerning that room not one of us could identify the window belonging to that room, we went in and out of the house several times and even had one of the team stand at the window whilst the rest of us went outside. The team member could see us all quite clearly and we confirmed this by making several movements and poses whilst asking the team member inside to describe what we were doing. The strange thing about this was that none of us outside could see the person inside. (We wanted the team member inside to lean out of the window but it appeared to be locked). If you can imagine a house that could change its appearance that is how it felt. There was definitely something unhealthy regarding this property and we arranged to return at a later date. Due to personal reasons this family left the property shortly after and therefore we were unable to follow up with this investigation.


Case 3.


One of my personal favourites, a lovely family living in a small home contacted us more out of curiosity than any concerns. They were fairly sure something was sharing their home but could not determine who or what it was. As soon as we entered this property we felt a warmth and kindness that emanated from every room. Once we had spoken to the family we were invited to look around and see what we could find. There was plenty of residual energy in this home and most of it was in keeping with our initial feelings of wellbeing. Several of the rooms did hold feelings of being more repressed but there was nothing to dark.  We were able to pick up a reasonable amount of information that the client was able to validate, having lived in the house for many years. Before we left they did ask us to make sure that everything was safe and settled, which we did.  Speaking to them since, I am happy to report that the home is still as warm and inviting.


Case 4.


A frightened couple contacted us saying that they were experiencing lots of inexplicable phenomena in their house and that they didn’t feel safe.  We ascertained that most of the evidence was verbal recounts of the couple and after hearing their story we visited the house to investigate.

The couple and their baby son lived in a two bedroomed house and had recently moved the son into his own room.  The layout of the upper floor was at the top of the stairs, to the left, was the boy’s bedroom, then a narrow landing which housed a door to the bathroom situated next to the separate toilet and then at the other end of the landing the parent’s bedroom. The house was relatively small and the parents left both bedroom doors open at night, just in case their son woke and needed them.

The reason that the couple contacted us was that for several nights the same thing happened: each night, once their son was settled, they would retire to bed themselves, the mother was woken by the sound of the baby crying, she would go to his room only to find him fast asleep.  On her way back to her own room she would go to visit the toilet, only to find the door locked, obviously her husband having beaten her to it. However, still half asleep she made her way back to bed, only to find her husband fast asleep! The first time this happened they obviously put it down to the mother being too tired to realise she just didn’t push the toilet door hard enough. The second time it felt a little stranger that it had happened again, but after the third time they realised that something was not quite right!  What convinced them to seek help was that on the fourth night the father felt his wife shaking him, as he began to wake up he opened his eyes, aware that his son was crying, he saw, what he believed to be his wife standing at the bed. He reluctantly got up and made his way to his son’s room but before he reached there the crying stopped. He turned back and went to get back into bed. His wife was sleeping soundly (which annoyed him as she was the first one to wake up), he decided to nip to the loo before joining her and finding the door locked freaked him out a little. But the most frightening thing for them was when the father had awoken once again, only to see a strange woman, standing at the window of their bedroom, holding a baby.

When we made the initial visit we made a point of going during the daytime to see if we could find any ‘normal’ explanation for the door of the toilet seemingly locking itself, this was easily debunked as there was no lock on the door and no evidence that there had been one. We also asked about neighbours, did they have young children or maybe a loud TV in their bedrooms? As the family knew the neighbours well we were invited to check in their homes to and again we were able to debunk any possibility that the sounds could have come from the adjoining properties. Taking the usual readings and walking around the upper floor of the property, the attending medium felt drawn to the bathroom (situated next to the toilet) and once in there felt a strong energy pulling her towards the little loft hatch that was situated in the ceiling of the airing cupboard within the bathroom.  The connecting wall led to the toilet.  She was certain that the answer to the recorded phenomena lie in the roof space and asked if there was any way she could access the area.  Even as she stood in the airing cupboard she could feel the energy growing, someone brought a small step ladder in for her to use and just as she was about to lift the loft door the mother became almost hysterical, begging her not to open it, so scared was she that ‘something’ might be released. Respecting her wishes, we left the hatch closed and the intensity of the energy seemed to lessen the moment we agreed not to look.


The family had been waiting to move home and were happy when shortly after they were offered a brand new home. However, we decided to continue our research into the property.

After many hours of local research (and lots of microfiche reading) we discovered that a young mother and her son had lived there previously.  Tragically the baby had passed and it was ruled a “cot death”, even more tragically the mother had taken her own life when she lost her only child.

We never got the opportunity to enter the property again but we did make a point of scattering sunflower seeds on the small front garden as an offering of acknowledgement and remembrance for the young mother and child.



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