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Private Investigations

Do strange things happen in your home, workplace or somewhere you visit? 


Most of us will, at some point, experience something we cannot explain, but there are times when someone begins to feel uncomfortable or even threatened in a place that should feel safe. 


Most of us do not want crowds of people wandering through our homes and do not want it to be known that we have a problem and that is why we do not publish or discuss these cases with anyone other than our client. 


We will visit that location and investigate the cause of your problem whether it be noisy pipes, faulty wiring or a mischievous poltergeist we will be happy to solve the mystery and deal with it accordingly.   .


Please don't hesitate to contact us, nothing will sound silly or stupid and we will assist you with any paranormal situation you may have.





Contact us for a confidential chat.


077590677483    07908050140

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